Frequently Asked Questions 

Varsity Team Rally has a dual mission: to raise money for critically needed “TEAM” research at the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota while raising awareness and camaraderie among Masonic Cancer Center supporters. 

  • Will tickets be mailed to those holding reservations?
    Tickets will NOT be mailed; those reserving spaces on the Varsity Team Rally roster will find their names on a list at the door the night of the event. Tax receipts will be mailed to you.

  • How will our fundraising dollars be put to work?
    Funds are used as ‘seed money’ for promising multi-disciplinary projects demonstrating a high likelihood of research success and then obtaining additional even larger funding from government grants – bringing new research to light more quickly. In our first five years, we raised over $500,000 for Masonic Cancer Center Team research and we've funded research projects for colorectal and breast cancer.

  • What is our fundraising goal?
    TEAM projects need $100,000 per year for three years. Our goal this year is to again raise over $100,000.

  • Why is this event so expensive?
    Cancer research is expensive. The money is vital to fund important research. This is a limited capacity event due to the spaces and plans for the evening. We want to attract real supporters of cancer research underway at Masonic Cancer Center. This is a special evening planned to make a difference and build a team. Small numbers work better to do that. It’s also a very casual event – jeans and Gopher attire are welcome! No need to buy a new dress. Even the parking is included.

  • How will we pay for this event and raise money for team research?
    This event is entirely underwritten and paid for by ticket proceeds, the committee members, and a number of enthusiastic Masonic Cancer Center supporters. NO University of Minnesota or University of Minnesota Foundation funds have been provided.

  • Why is this a space-limited event?
    We wish to build a Masonic Cancer Center Varsity TEAM of community supporters. A smaller number of attendees allow our “TEAM MEMBERS” to mingle and get to know each other and will enhance the nature of the evening. Plus, this will be a more hands-on event and we want everyone to have a chance to participate and learn.

  • Who was invited?
    The Varsity Team Rally Host Committee identified a select list of individuals who are known to be supporters of the Masonic Cancer Center or those who are interested in advancing cancer research.

  • Mobility issues, can't use steps, or other accommodation questions?
    TCF Bank Stadium is fully capable of handling all mobility-related matters with elevators and ramps as appropriate.

  • Further questions?  Contact  Jean Jacoby, 612.626.5475,



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